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Jesse White

Bowness Speaking Back, 2018


Bowness Speaking Back is a triptych, 20 inch by 24 inch framed prints. The piece is a reflection of the poetry and beauty in how the mundane, the normal, and the everyday experience of the neighborhoods we live in shape our lives. Inspired by the community of Bowness in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Constantly reoccurring acts like the trip down the alley, the walk home, The view outside your window, all have value and the ability to speak to us. Conclusions are drawn and opinions are formed about these markers in our lives, and exploring them is something which I find crucial to my growth as an artist and as a person. If I can represent and express the feeling of my community, or some one else's community in my art, I come closer to understanding myself in some ways.


Although I did not grow up in Bowness, during the brief couple years spent living there, Bowness really made me feel like I was part its story. This piece is my response to how Bowness spoke to me. 

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