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Permanent Change
Jesse White
Permanent Change, 2019 
Audio Installation 

Permanent Change is an audio piece that explores how the violation brought on by property crime can permanently change our perceptions on our communities. After situating the listener in a community where they engage with personal spaces through immersive description, the piece then re-contextualizes those familiar spaces from the perspective of a violator, who uses it as an opportunity for personal gain. Finally, the spaces are remapped in terms of tainted perceptions of community spaces, which are a result of this violation. Are we safe in our communities? Or are we all eventually subject to robbery? The effect of robbery and home invasion on an individual change's perceptions of the space and ignites visceral emotions.

Audience member’s experience Permanent Change is an audio piece, consumed through wall mounted headphones. Ideas talked about through Permanent Change are intended to open the audience into thinking about what the violations and trauma from home invasion and robbery are. Built feelings of suspense and contention through descriptive poetry are emphasized to show how scary the event of robbery is and how it affected me. How do we respond when we are a victim, how does our level of home security impact us?  Permanent Change is about recognizing an impactful change in my life as a result to my perceptions about my neighborhood changing when I became a victim of vehicle theft.

Technical Requirements- One wall, One 4-Way headphone splitter, One Audio playing device, Four headphones, and four wall mounts.

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